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Standard Photo Booth Rental Features

# HOURS OF BOOTH TIME – This is the number of hours that the booth is in operation. It does NOT include set up and break down so if you purchase a 4-hour rental the actual time we are there is really 6-7 hours. We don’t charge you for our normal set-up/break-down time.

BOOTH ATTENDANT – Although the booth is really easy to use we always have attendants on hand to help your guests get the most out of their experience with the photo booth. They are also there to keep the area nice and tidy and help with any mishaps that might arise such as a spilled drink.

STANDARD BACKDROPS – We have several backdrops available in various colors which are included with the rental. If your event requires a special backdrop with your company logo, for example, we can accommodate that at an additional charge.

CUSTOM DESIGN TEMPLATE – This is the actual design of the printed pictures. We will customize the design of the printouts just for your event. Your coordinator will talk to you about colors, logos, names, etc. before the event.

UNLIMITED PRINTS – We will allow your guests to print one picture per person per group shot for an unlimited amount of printouts during the rental. So for example, if a guest is in 5 shots they will be able to go home with 5 awesome photo memories.

LARGE SELECTION OF PROPS – We have a large selection of professional-grade props and bring them to every event as part of the rental. Hats, mustaches, wigs, funny glasses, signs and more are included. We also can do custom props at an additional charge given enough time to get them made.

ELECTRONIC IMAGE DELIVERY – We upload every event’s photos to our online photo storage site and provide the client with a link to the photos that they can download free of charge. If you would like your photos on a flash drive we can do that for a nominal fee as well.


Additional Photo Booth Hours – We understand that you may want us there longer especially for large or corporate events. We can certainly quote you for how ever many hours you require.  Additional hours of operation are billed at $150 per hour.

SMS/SOCIAL SHARING OF PHOTOS – This is a fun one… Our luxury Photo Booths can text, email, and post pictures directly to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram at a small additional charge to cover data fees!
Note: The location must have WiFi and any WiFi access fees by the facility are the responsibility of the client.

Photo Session Video – Watching people have fun with the photo booth is extremely entertaining! We can video with our wide-angle action camera the entire session for you to enjoy later. Don’t miss out on any of the live-action antics in front of the photo mirror. Cost: $100 and includes the entire booth event video on thumb drive.

Idle Hours – If you need us there earlier than 90 minutes before or after your event for set-up/break-down we would be happy to accommodate your request but we must add an additional $40 per hour to do so.

Custom Backdrops – Are you having a corporate, sport, or fundraising event that requires a custom backdrop with a team or company logo. We can do that at an additional charge which usually starts at around $275. Custom backdrops are yours to keep after the event. Might we also suggest our “Green Screen” option that in most cases would be cheaper than a custom backdrop? Green screen works great if you don’t need to actually see the backdrop during the event.

Green Screen Backdrop – Our Luxury Mirror Photobooth has some really cool features and one of them is “Green Screen” backdrop capabilities! We can virtually put anything on the backdrop you would like post-photo. Do you want the backdrop to look like your guests are in Paris or put your company Logo or product on the backdrop? We can Do that! Rate starts at $150 to add this fantastic feature.

Custom Props – We can custom make props for any event at an additional charge. The charge will depend on the complexity of the prop. Custom props are yours to keep after the event.

USB Thumb Drive of Images – Do you need keepsake USB thumb drives of the photos from your event? No problem, we can do that starting at $35 per thumb drive. Ask us about our custom engraved wooden thumb drives for that special keepsake.

Double Prints – Would you like a printed copy of each photo session to have for yourself? We can provide this to you at a small additional fee.

Photo Memory Book – Do you want a photo book keepsake of your special day? Our Booth Attendant can put a copy of every picture in a photo book that your guests can sign on the spot. Price for this is dependant upon the size of your event but starts at $75. We manage the book; includes book, pens and glue sticks.

Contest Mode – Promote your brand by running contests at your photo booth. Set up Booth to randomly pick a winner or choose a winner later. Winner can trigger a special template, print a coupon, trip lights and sounds. This feature starts at $100

Quiz & Survey – Survey and quiz people for fun or marketing. See how well people know your host or product before or after they take photos in the booth. Quizzes are like survey questions but they have right and wrong answers. For wedding and parties you can collect great stories and trivia. For corporate events you can collect market insights or educate participants then provide them with a great gift. Price Starts at $100

Play Video – Play videos at any point during the photo booth session. An introductory video from the party host, a thank you message from the bride and groom, a message or ad from the corporate sponsor, even a video or animation between pictures. Price depends on complexity.

Something Else – Have something else in mind that will make your event with our photo booth perfect? Just ask and we will see what we can do!