Having a photo Booth at your event was a fantastic choice! Here are some tips and some things to expect as you plan for the event…


– Location is everything!

People won’t use the booth if they don’t know it is there! Plan to have the photo booth where the action is such as near the entryway, dance floor, etc. Once things get going the flash from the booth will attract people to it but only if it can be seen.

– DJ Announcements

Ask your DJ to announce when the booth opens. If you have a photo/audio guest book ask the DJ to make announcements throughout the evening reminding guests to be included in the guestbooks.

– Group pictures need space.

One of the best features of the open-air style photo booth is the ability to take pictures of large groups. The size of the group depends on the space available for the booth. We recommend an area of at least 10′ x 10′ or larger for the booth to operate well, especially with group shots.

– Don’t forget to use the booth YOURSELF!

You’d be surprised how many newlyweds and event hosts forget to use the photo booth at their own event. Don’t let this happen to you!


– Arrival & Setup

We will usually arrive to set up the photo booth between 120 and 90 minutes prior to the photo booth start time unless early set up or idle time hours have been requested.

Please remember that the Photo Booth optimally needs a space of around 10′ x 10′ and be within 30′ of an outlet.

Note: Setup and breakdown times do NOT count against your booth time so for example if you rented the photo booth for 4 hours, the booth will be in operation for 4 hours.


– Professional Booth attendant(s)

We pride ourselves in being a professional full-service photo booth company. Unlike drop off photo booths, our attendant(s) will be there to operate and maintain the booth the entire time. This means no guessing by guests how to use the booth, no printer jams, no worries for you!

– Breakdown

Breakdown of the photo booth usually takes us about 60 minutes. We can break down during a live event so for example if booth time ends at 9:00pm but your event runs until 11:00pm we will quietly break the booth down and do our best not to interfere with your event.